Project 1: Word Press

As I am a novice to blogging, it is difficult for me to relate to what the benefits and limitations of this Web development tool is.  Of personal benefit, it seems to lend itself to allowing people with little or no web development background the opportunity to produce an attractive Web document.  The instructions for set up are relatively easy to follow as well.  The only limitations I can see is that it does not force the users to learn how to build a Web page from scratch but it does allow you to showcase those documents if you do learn how to produce documents in HTML and CSS  

 I found the disabling of comments on pages already published to be impossible.  After many tries at what I believe to be the sites instructions, I finally gave up.  It did take me somewhat longer to complete this project than the Professor predicted, but hopefully this will get easier as the process unfolds.  My desire to master the skills involved with successfully using this tool is strong and I am excited about the prospect of learning with the guidance afforded me through this class. This will no doubt be a plus when I begin my career as a Library information specialist. Practice makes perfect.  I will definitely use WordPress again as it will be helpful in advancing my chances of obtaining employment.


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