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CGS2821: Hopes for Investment Return

May 15, 2011

As an aspiring librarian, I have become increasingly aware that technological skills in the area of Web design and development are basic requirements.  After receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, I decided to get a Master of Science degree in LIS.  However, classes such as this are not offered on the Master’s level and it was not until I had almost completed the requirements for my Master’s of Science in LIS that I realized how critical ownership of those skills are to Librarians. 

In an effort to be competitive in a fiercely competitive job market, it is my goal to attain those critical skills through this class. Additionally, it is  my hope to also  (somehow) bring attention to the fact that technical classes such as this should be a part of LIS’s core curriculum. This issue is addressed in the article Skills for the 21st Century Librarian published by Meredith Farkas (